The Relief Work in Aleppo

Our city of Aleppo is trapped in a long war of massacres and cruelty. 20 % is estimated the whole range of destruction in the city with, 80 % of dysfunctional infrastructures leading to the interruptions of electricity, water and communication.

The uprising in Syria began in mid-March 2011, but 7 months ago Aleppo has been paralyzed as a consequence of fighting and clashes. This Conflicting reality prevents people from leading a normal course of life. Jobs are lost; shops and 90% of schools are closed.

Christians are not part of the ongoing process of violence. They are the calling voice into preservation of peace in our nation, and simultaneously, the initiatives to the democratic dialogue between the conflicting parties. Nevertheless, they suffer the same impacts and implications of war and violence that the conflicting parties are going through.

Most of our christian families migrated from Aleppo into other cities within Syria, or to Lebanon, Europe, Canada and the two Americas, according to their financial situation. While the Low-income families stayed in the city.   

Damages reached to our school community, our Metropolis and our   archaeological Cathedral. Most of our community members lost their homes and shops, but, thanks to God, casualties are limited

Our Archdiocese of Aleppo and Alexandretta supports the families who are in need of their home restoration and surgical operations. It also offers humanitarian aid (of food, clothes … etc.) to the increasing numbers of damaged families as a result of losing jobs, the interruption of importation and electricity, the increasing of prices from 5 to 10 times. Four of our Organizations try to restore this critical and conflicting situation.

Our Archbishop, His Eminence Metropolitan Paul, and the Archdiocese Council, offer sincerely their gratitude to all those who support and cooperate with them, spiritually and materially. Also they address a deep thankfulness to all those who support logistically the success of this humanitarian relief i.e. the community youth and committees.

Finally, we raise our prayers to our gracious God to end up this violence in all its forms and to enlighten all people to sit at dialogue table to restore peace for our nation and all nations.


From the Archdiocese Council




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