The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

the church

Recently, we have been celebrating a multiplicity of occasions; The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the Catholic Year of Faith and The 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. This motivating atmosphere is an opportunity to offer our warm prays permeated with compassion and hope.

The Christian impacts of the Second Vatican Council are Equivalent to the implications of the industrial revolution in the history of humankind. One of the offsprings of this historic synod is the Ecumenical movement. This movement has grown up and flourished giving a lot of precious fruits. It tries to bring back to our Lord Jesus his clothe which has been torn by church schisms. This reality was recorded in the vision of St. Athanasius when he asked Jesus who was clothed with a tormented garment: “who had torn out your clothes?” Jesus answered: “Arius“.

After Fifty years of such a revolutionary spirit of the Second Vatican Council we pray for a second revolution in the Catholic Church, no less important than the digital revolution in the world of humanity.

Eventually, You cannot imagine the form of the revolution; otherwise it will not be a new revolution with new prospects. However, you can imagine genuinely some possibilities to be achieved or rejected in it!

The Church is a permanent youth; its lord is alive and its guard does not sleep (Psalm 120, 4.). The church is the body of Christ in history; it does not rest as long as there is suffering, needy or stray people. In this body you find compassionate heart to love and collaborative members to support.

The church of the west is in urgent need to reconsider its role in the leadership of the christian community! The christian russian Metropolitan Hilarion called for the end of persecution of Christians in the West and the East, as this persecution has different shapes in the world.  Pope Benedict XVI is deeply rooted in pastoral theology, and he knows how to create resolutions based on the revealed word of God. The World in the west is in urgent need to church, because it is the “bread of life” which will revive its humanity oppressed by consumism. The presence of the Catholic Church in the West is breathing lung for a dehumanized and savage world.

The Church of the Middle East is in urgent need of the implementation of the Arab world with civil and enlightened thought. The evaluation of the phenomenon of the “Arab Spring” ranges between optimists and pessimists, but the core issue of the phenomenon is that it represents a challenge not an assessment, as we are talking about the future not about the past. What is the spring without the diversity and richness of colors in comparison with the haze color of winter? Diversity is richness while monochromatic uniformity is a ticking bomb that kills its owner.

In the world of consumer west, the contribution of the Church is a challenge that needs the spiritual christian heritage of the East. The duty of the church in the “spring of the East” necessitates the organization and the institutionalization the church in the West.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is an invitation for all of us to hold hands and gather all the charismas in addressing our common problems. We will not be one in spirit and responsibility unless we are one in prayer! And even more. Let us be one in prayer in order to become united in responsibility and human integrity to the fullest.


One response to “The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

  1. Dear Archbishop Paul, We thank you from our hearts for your beautiful reflection for Unity Week. Your words and your vision inspires us. We need each other more than ever and we rely on your witness in the face of suffering. May the Lord keep you and your community safe God bless you. Sr Benedict

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